Georgette Sofazis - Pilates Teacher, Student of Exercise Science and Professional Dancer/Teacher (Guest Teacher)

Georgette is a Professional Contemporary Dancer, Dance Teacher/Mentor at a few of Sydney’s leading Full-time dance studios. She graduated from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (2014) with an ‘Honours in Dance' and continued to work with the Ailey Junior Company and numerous American Choreographers.

During her dance career she always had a fascination for Human Anatomy, Movement Science and Dance Specific Exercise. Her interest not only assisted her musculoskeletal challenges with hyper-mobility, however enhanced her passion and desires to educate dancers and non-dancers in how to discover their bodies as well as help all individuals move more functionally daily from acute or chronic pain, pathologies or injuries.

Georgette studied and worked alongside of Accredited Exercise Physiologist Donna Oliver, where she Completed a ‘APMA Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy’. Working with Donna inspired Georgette to continue her education in a Master’s of Exercise Science and Rehabilitation at University of Wollongong.

Georgette currently delivers exercise prescriptions and education at Peak Performance Physiotherapy and Pilates by Therese as well as some of Sydney’s leading Full-time Dance Organizations, where she educates Elite dancers on Pre-habilitation, Rehabilitation, tools to enhance their Dance Performance and basic Dance Biomechanics.

Georgette finds joy in integrating her extensive dance experiences with her movement science studies. She believes that all dancers/Athletes should understand how their bodies move and what their individual needs are to execute movement to one's aspirations. Performance inconsistency is usually caused by muscle imbalances or structural asymmetry that need to be assessed and managed.