The basics and how to get started

Wollongong Pilates Studio is different

We are not a pop-up Pilates studio. We are not the "new kids on the block".

As WPS journeys towards and into its 4th decade of servicing the community, we think its important to look back and reflect on how we got here and what make our studio different. For anyone doing their homework and research in the hope of finding a Pilates studio that meets their needs it becomes apparent that many of the key marketing points between all of Pilates studio’s seem similar. Everyone claims to be the best, have the best instructors with the most passion blah blah!! But in truly reflecting in what makes WPS different, its our history, our evolution, the dedication to all stakeholders, the clients, the teachers, the student teachers, and the community. Perhaps the sheer obsession and single-mindedness of me….Donna Oliver.

So if your looking for a new space, a new crew to assist you to “move better, feel better”, below is the quick “down and dirty guide” to the Wollongong Pilates Studio. But if you want a better understanding of “who” we are, and how we got here considering the changes in the way Pilates is delivered in the Illawarra, keep an eye on on our blog page. Its coming, and I am going to dig deep! But to get you going, check out the summary below.

Who are we?

  • We were the first equipment based Pilates Studio established in the Illawarra by Donna Oliver in 1995.
  • Comprehensively trained instructors, hand picked to provide a high level of personalised service
  • Tailored programs based on YOUR body's needs and goals, graded from safe gentle exercise to a high level challenge.
  • Instructors integrate the Pilates Method with latest research into the management of musculoskeletal dysfunction.
  • Private clients are welcome- no referral necessary

Other Services

  • Exercise Physiology - services with health fund rebate available with most private health funds.
  • Medicare - Under the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) a referral from your General Practitioner is required. This program can entitle you to 5 allied health appointments per year. After paying your account in full, you can claim your rebate immediately from Medicare.
  • Work Cover - You will need your policy/insurance number, insurance company and case manager details.
  • DVA -Department of Veteran's Affairs requires a doctor's certificate. This certificate is valid for a period of 12 months.
  • NDIS 
  • Specialised programming for pre-post natal, dancers, amateur and professional athletes, neurological issues, anxiety/depression, stretching, golfing enthusiasts
  • Bespoke teacher training courses

Getting Started

  • To get the best out of your studio experience, we suggest you begin with a private consultation. An opportunity for both you and your instructor to assess your individual needs and determine your goals. This class will focus on providing the foundation information that you will need to attend any of our classes.
  • We provide a number of different class styles. ie. Matclasses, Reformer Classes, Strength/Conditioning classes, Clinical Rehabilitation (1:1 and small groups), Studio Pilates Sessions, Private Lessons,  Duets and our new yoga class. You can discuss which classes are appropriate for you and your initial visit.

Making your initial appointment

  • Check out "Services" to determine what type of class or appointment you think is appropriate for your needs. Give us a call if your uncertain.
  • Book Online by clicking "Bookings" on the home page.  You can narrow your search by using the drop down links on the top of the schedule. Click on an available class and it will take you through the process.
  • Call the studio for information 4285 2518 (check out the last 4 digits, its the Corrimal postcode. Clever eh!). IF the studio is unattended we do have a service (with a real person) to take your details and we call you back as soon as we are in the office
  • Contact the studio owner by text 0429 307 140

What do I bring?

  • Comfortable exercise clothes
  • Fresh socks
  • X-Rays and scans to the initial consultation
  • Small clean towel
  • Happy smiling face

What can our services do for you?

  • Cutting edge medical research shows Pilates is beneficial for many types of pain relief, particularly chronic lower back.
  • Improve posture and upper body awareness to reduce neck and shoulder pain.
  • Specific programs for dance and sports training.
  • Guided sessions for pre and post pregnancy, to reduce low back strain, prepare for labour and promote recovery.
  • Modified programming to cater for osteoporosis, arthritis and the elderly.
  • Studio sessions utilising the specific Pilates and exercise equipment provide a more comprehensive workout which cannot be done alone with 'mat' style classes.
  • Provide you with an enduring legacy of knowledge you can take home and practice.