Booking Policy & Medical Disclaimer


I represent to this studio that all medical conditions and recent medical treatments received by me have been disclosed. I understand this information is confidential and will remain so except for the sharing of information with instructors that may teach me or in the normal administration of this business according to the Privacy and Personal Information Act. 

I declare that any and all exercises prescribed to me are undertaken at my own risk. I shall not hold this studio or any of its staff or agents liable or negligent for any injury or pain resulting from the aforementioned exercises during or after the exercise program. 


48 hours’ notice is required for cancellations. 

  • Online booking system will not permit cancellations after the 48-hour timeframe has lapsed and the studio must be notified if you will not be attending our reserved appointment. This is essential to allow your spot to be filled by any “waitlisted” clients.
  • Cancellations within the 48-hour period will incur the full fee
  • Clients may transfer to another session or class of equal or lesser value within their package rules according to availability ONLY if the studio has been advised of their inability to attend and must be completed before expiration dates of their package.

Full fees will be charged for “no shows” where the client fails to notify the studio.

  • Where a session has been booked, and a client does not advise of cancellation, and does not attend the session full fees will be charged
  • Class transfers will not be available


  • The studio employs a 24/7 answering service for when the studio is not attended. All messages will be forwarded both the studio by email and by text. This ensures that there are no messages slipping through the cracks. The service keeps records of incoming messages. 
  • Emails are an efficient way to communicate and should be used for more complex messages.
  • If messages are urgent/emergency please text Donna 0429 307 140. (Secretly, she's always happy to hear from y'all)

By purchasing a session package, you agree, without compensation, to permit the Wollongong Pilates Studio, its agents, contractors, assigns, employees and students to use, reproduce, exhibit, display, broadcast, distribute and create derivative works using your image or likeness and statements. This permission includes all present and future forms of media and communications. This release shall continue in force until specifically revoked by you in writing. If you wish to be granted an exception to our media release please email us at


  • Sessions and packages are not transferable.
  • Pre-paid sessions are not refundable.
  • If you fail to attend 3 sessions in a row, we reserve the right to terminate your package.

Studio Sessions - Single/Casual Bookings

  • Cancellation policy as written above applies to single or casually purchased classes

Studio Sessions – 10 visit packages

  • Cancellation policy as written above applies
  • 10 visit packages are by far the best value offering the largest discount
  • Discounted packages are available for purchase with the following conditions applied
  • Must be completed within 10 weeks from the first attended class
  • Full upfront payment for a pack of 10 sessions is required.
  • Only one ‘hold’ period is available within each 10-visit package. 
  • "Hold" requests MUST be in writing, clearly stating a start and end date
What is a “hold” period?
We know that sometimes life gets in the way of your exercise program. It is not our intention to put obstacles in the way to your committing to your exercise regime! Matter of fact, we want to remove these obstacles. If you know you are going to be away for a period i.e. Holidays, sickness, family obligations, child birthing etc. You can advise our office in writing either by email or completing a short form in the studio and we will happily put an extension on your package. For example: If you are going to Europe for 5 weeks, we can extend your 10-visit package to 15 weeks. By doing this you will not lose your sessions and still be able to receive the discounted fees

Studio Sessions – 5 visit packages

  • Cancellation policy as written above applies
  • Must be completed within 5 weeks from the first class 
  • No “hold” periods are available with 5 visit packages

Mat, Yoga, and Reformer Class Passes

  • Cancellation policy as written above applies
  • 10 visit packages must be completed in 10 weeks from first class
  • 5 visit packages must be completed in 5 weeks from the first class

Recurring Bookings

  • Cancellation policy as written above applies
What is a “recurring booking”?
For clients who like to have a regular ongoing appointment, our “recurring booking” option allows you to book a permanent spot for the year! These appointments will need to be made with the office as the online booking system will only let you book what you pay for upfront!

  • Your preferred session time will be kept in the system for the remainder of the year and we assume that you will attend those pre-booked, recurring sessions. You can be assured that “your” appointment is not booked by someone else and gives you priority over that time slot each week, every month for the entire year (or less by arrangement)
  • You only need to confirm with the office if you will NOT be attending your session.
  • You can change your ‘recurring booking’ appointment time to any other session during the year according to availability. If you desired time is not available, we can waitlist you in that session until it is
Want a shorter time frame on our “recurring booking”?

Sure, that isn’t a problem. If you only want that “recurring booking” for 5 or 10 weeks we can do that. Just remember, that someone else might book that session from the end date of your booking. It might be harder to get back a time slot once it has been taken! You only have priority on that time slot, while your “recurring booking” is active.
Our expectations:
  • We will assume attendance unless you advise us of a cancellation (cancellation policies apply)
  • Payments will made in accordance with packaging rules of the studio
  • "Hold" requests between packages are included in either the previous or subsequent package. There is no additional "hold" between packages. If you take a hold between packages it will be allocated to either the previous or upcoming package.


  • For Chronic Disease Management Plans (formerly Enhanced Primary Care Plans) session payments in full must be made to the Studio.
  • Participants will be issued with a receipt to forward to Medicare upon completion of sessions. It is the responsibility of the client to retrieve the Government Rebate from Medicare. A small Gap Fee will apply.
  • Medicare will not provide rebate for sessions where clients have failed to attend an appointment. Payment of full fees will be the responsibility of the individual client should they fail to attend.
  • Cancellation policy as written above applies


  • If at any time you feel uncomfortable with any part of the routine, you shall stop the exercise immediately and inform the instructor. This is particularly in cases where pain levels become uncomfortable or if your back or any other part of the body feels twinges of pain, discomfort or strain.
  • If there are any changes to your medical condition you must inform your instructor as soon as possible.


  • Consideration for other clients is required at all times.
  • For purposes of hygiene all clients must wear socks while working on the equipment
  • A small hand towel is required for all sessions
  • If for any reason you will not be attending your sessions, please advise asap to allow others to attend in your place. This is particularly if you have planned absences during your recurring bookings.


  • While the studio endeavours to ensure all advertised and book sessions go ahead, we reserve the right to alter scheduled times and instructors etc
  • Communications can be made by email, studio phone and voice messages. Please consider the intent of the message when contacting us. For example, if you wish to cancel a 7am session the night before, an email will not reach the instructor in a timely manner. In desperation, text Donna (0429307140) unless of course I am on annual leave. LOL!