Studio Clinical Pilates

Donna and her staff are amazing! i have back problems and tried everything i always walk out with better body awareness and a positive outlook! With a few students to teacher ratio you always get special attention! - Emma Jane Brumby

For the past two decade, Donna has developed a unique approach to rehabilitation and the delivery of therapeutic movement. "While current medical model packages patients and pathologies in clusters with a recipe approach to their condition we look at the big picture. Recipes are often simplistic in nature and frustrating for many people who don't feel any benefit. 'Stretch your hamstrings', 'turn on your glutes', 'strengthen your core/rotator cuff/VMO', sound familiar?"

Rather than hand out routine recipe's, Donna facilitates problem solving in discussion with the clients integrating a whole-body approach to help people understand the mechanics and physiology of how their body is coping and compensating. Cognitive understanding of the problem, allows for voluntary choices about how you deal with it. 'Knowledge is power, and I am passionate about empowering people to take charge of their own bodies', says Donna.

Donna specialises in chronic conditions of the spine, pelvis and hip but is pretty good with other body bits too! A limitation of other practitioners is the 20-30-minute treatment time. At Wollongong Pilates Studio we spend 60-90 minutes per session which affords valuable time to listen to the client's needs and work with them to find good outcomes. More than just an exercise facility, Donna places the focus on client education and takes the time to explain their condition in detail, and how movement and activities of daily living influence how they feel or how a condition may respond.

Costs for Clinical Pilates

1 hour Private Session/Initial Consultation $110

Small Group Class 75 minutes (single session) $57 per class

Small Group Class 75 minutes (5 class package) $275 or $55 per class

Small Group Class 75 minutes (10 class package) $500 or $50 per class

* Further discount apply for long term clients (from $46 per class)


Check online "Bookings" for current session availability.