Pre Natal and Post Partum Programs

Pregnancy is a time of dramatic and speedy changes in a woman's life.

Pilates and exercise conditioning can be a way of retaining some control of your body, even when everything seems out of your control.

Our sessions will help you learn about the common changes occurring during the different trimesters but will also assist you in navigating any special circumstances that you might encounter.

Donna has been helping expectant and new mothers to navigate fitness and well-being for almost 30 years. With her team of highly trained teachers, she offers a safe and effective approach to:

Both Donna and Sherrie have been certified through The Centre for Women's Fitness in pre and post natal care.

Maintaining fitness during your pregnancy

Safe and effective exercise and movement programming will have a client focused approach considering:

  • Changes in hormones and the effects of joint stability
  • Safe stretching and mobilizing of the body
  • Minimising de-training effects on current fitness levels
  • Individually appropriate and self-paced strength and conditioning
  • Postural changes
  • Low back, pelvic and pubic pain (including but not limited to'.)
  • Delivery strategies ie. breathing , use of stability ball for delivery, preparing the pelvic floor

Rebuilding post-partum

The goal post- partum is to provide flexible access to the studio and to slowly rebuild mother's strength and condition considering possible complications from delivery.

  • Diastasis recti or abdominal separation
  • C-sections - this is surgical procedure and requires a considered approach to rehab
  • Return the spine and pelvis to optimal function following postural changes during pregnancy
  • Rehabilitate the pelvic floor following natural birth
  • Discovering your abdominal muscles after birth
  • Strengthening your entire core safely to return to general exercise


Can I start Pilates and Exercise Physiology classes when I am pregnant?

Yes, but some conditions apply!

If you are experiencing normal pregnancy conditions you are welcome to participate in any of our class up until approx. 16th week of pregnancy. At this time physiological changes occur that require specialised programming to ensure safety. This means that up until your 16th week you can attend:

  • Private classes and duets if you would like to share with a friend (pregnant or not)
  • Semi-private (small groups) with individualised programs according to your needs
  • Matwork and Reformer classes - classes for those on a budget, 'one size fits all' programming.

What if I am experiencing pain or discomfort in some parts of my body?

We would strongly recommend that you book a private session to start. This will allow your instructor to determine your specific needs and allow us to liaise (if necessary) with any other treating practitioners.

It allows you time to explain your perspective on your needs and goals, as well as ask us specific questions of how we are going to approach those needs. This means you can attend:

  • Private classes and duets if you would like to share with a friend (pregnant or not)
  • Semi-private (small groups) with individualised programs according to your needs

When can I begin retraining after delivery?

Well, there are some things you can begin to do immediately (I mean within hours) after delivery, but we will cover theses in your pre-natal classes. The norm is about 6 weeks but is generally governed by how things are going with mum and bub at home ie. feeding, sleeping and generally establishing a routine.

If you have had a C-section, that is different. It is surgery and requires a medical clearance from your GP or allied health practitioner.

Can I bring the baby with me to the studio?

We welcome little ones to the studio if they are not an interruption to either yourself or other clients. Certainly, in private sessions it would not be an issue. We often have new mums who return to us before 6 weeks, for either 30, 45- or 60-minute private lessons to allows them some 'one on one' time with their teacher.

While we love spending time with our "Pilates Babies", if possible, it is best to try and find studio time without the distractions. Find some 'You time', you're going to need it!

Can I claim rebate through my Private Health Insurance or Medicare?

Most health funds offer rebates for Exercise Physiology and/or Personal Training through Healthy Lifestyle programs. Call your health fund to check out what you can access with your current policy.

Speak to your GP, you may be eligible for a chronic health care plan and Medicare subsidy depending on your health history.

Can I give you a call and chat about my needs?

Yes, you sure can.