Online Classes - For all levels of experience

"The online classes are a brilliant compliment to the Studio sessions (which I also love). I highly recommend them for so many reasons. I can fit more classes in each week at times that are convenient around work and study commitments (even holidays!) and I don’t have to get in the car and drive, which is a bonus. As for the classes themselves, they are fantastic! The programme is varied and caters for all levels. The instructors create a personable and relaxed approach, which is motivating and supportive. Donna’s skills in cueing and explaining exercises, is exemplary. Sometimes I forget that I’m not the only one in the class - it’s almost like I’m getting a one-on-one session. And all this with a big dose of humour, fun and humility. All round, AMAZING!!!! "- Lynne Blackbourn

Level One – Principles of Pilates.

Perfect for absolute beginners and those looking to refresh their understanding of the fundamental principles and techniques of Pilates Method. It moves at a slower pace and a great option for those who may be returning to exercise following injury or time away. The aim is to provide a full body workout focusing on correct technique to help improve quality of movement, strength, stability, and mobility

Level 1/2

Pilates group Mat Class suitable for beginners and newer participants but available for all levels of experience. Some small apparatus may be used but is not a requirement for attendance.

It assumes fundamental understanding of basic principles and movement concepts of the Pilates Method. It emphasises correct technique and offers varying degrees of challenge while allowing participants build stamina and endurance.

Level 2/3

A group Mat Class that allows participants to take their practice to the next level. Small apparatus may be used but is not essential for attendance.

A full body workout with varying degrees of challenge and a segue into Level 3 and Advanced Mat work Classes.

Level 3

This is an ideal class for participants who have been practicing Pilates and ready to step up into a more challenging class. The pace of the class allows for increased endurance while continuing to build strength, improve coordination for a great full body workout.

Small apparatus may be used by is not a requirement for attendance.

Advanced Mat Class

This group Mat Class is for experienced Pilates clients who are looking for a challenge. We explore the traditional sequence of Pilates Method mat-work exercises as written by Joseph Pilates in his book, Return to Life through Contrology.

Attendees should seek permission from Donna, the senior practitioner, before registering for this class to ensure it is safe and appropriate for you to do so

All Levels Classes

A group class that caters to varying levels of experience offering easier to more complex variations of fundamental exercises. It provides a full body workout to build strength and flexibility while focusing on the fundamental principles and correct technique of Pilates Method.

Small apparatus may be used but is not essential.

Specialty Classes

Foam Roller Class and Magic Circle Classes

A group class utilising a Foam Roller and/or Magic Circle is a great way to add a little variety to your exercise program. The class will focus on using the apparatus to provide additional support, challenge and/or myo-fascial release and revisit some common Pilates Method exercises with an variable challenge options

If you are not friends with us on Wollongong Pilates Studio Facebook, then find us and be our friend. We will be posting all sorts of interesting stuff on there in the coming weeks and months including some short workouts for those in need.

Costs for Online Mat, Foam Roller or Magic Circle Classes

Single Session 50-60 minute $27 per class

5 class package 50-60 minute $125 or $25 per class

10 class package 50-60 minute $210 or $21 per class

* Seniors Discount does not apply to the already discounted packages.


Friday 8.00am - Mat Class (All Levels)